Luxury Packaging Awards 2017 :: How To Enter
Wednesday 13 September 2017
Grosvenor House, Park Lane
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How to Enter

All entries should be submitted using our online system. Before beginning the entry process you should ensure that you have the following information prepared:

For categories A-M:

Product Information

- Product Name
- Product Launch Date
- Location of Product Launch
- List of Retailers who stock/carry/sell product
- Recommended Retail Price

300-500 word written summary explaining the following headings:

- The brief for the pack
- How the pack meets the brief
- How the pack demonstrates quality and innovation in graphics, decorates, shape and/or structure;
- How the pack demonstrates shelf stand-out and functionality;
- How the pack adds value and luxury to the brand.

Details of

- Pack Manufacturer
- Design Agency (if used)
- Client the pack was created for

Things to note

  • Entries must include a 300-500 word submission explaining the background and development of the pack; how it met the brief; and explaining how the pack performs against each of the five criteria;
  • You must state the recommended retail price (RRP) of the product;
  • This is a product based award scheme, in order to be eligible to win an award you must submit a sample pack for judging.
  • Judges will consider each pack on its own merits, in particular with regard to the price point of the product. You must therefore state whether the pack should be considered in its category as Premium, Super-Premium, Luxury or Super-Luxury. This will allow judges to make a fair judgement of each pack and to select a Best in Show pack for each of the Premium, Super-Premium, Luxury and Super-Luxury categories. (We reserve the right for judges to re-classify a product if they believe it appropriate to do so.) Click here to learn more about product classification.
  • Unless otherwise stated, judges will consider both primary and secondary packs; this ensures that they are judging the item as the consumer would buy it, so (with the exception of categories E and F) please include both primary and secondary packs with your submission;
  • For category M, please ensure that your submission explains why you believe your pack demonstrates excellent technical achievement;
  • High-resolution photographs should be submitted of any packs entered and as well as images, where appropriate, of the most recent previous version of the pack;
  • The date of global launch in retail should be stated in the entry.

For categories O and P:

  • A cover submission of 500 words should be submitted, explaining why the team or company entering should be considered for the Award. This should cover aspects such as
  • The entrant’s overall approach to packaging projects;
  • evidence of how the team, company or agency adds value to its clients or stakeholders; 
  • how it ensures creativity, technical innovation, luxury feel and visual qualities in the packs it works on;
  • Background information on the types of products and packs on which the company or agency works; and the markets in which it operates.
  • Three sample packs launched in the year under review, each with a 150-word summary of the brief for that specific pack and the creative approach to the project.

Sample Packs

  • A full sample of the pack should be submitted with the entry; we can accept an empty pack but it greatly helps judges to consider a pack when it contains the product.
  • Samples must be delivered to the Luxury Packaging Awards office between 8-17 May 2017. It is the entrants’ responsibility to ensure that samples are delivered on time to the organisers. We will disqualify entries where no pack sample is submitted in time for the judging day. If any pack sample needs to be returned, it is the responsibility of the entrant to organise this at their own cost.
  • Supporting material such as testimonials may also be submitted;
  • All entries must include details of who designed the pack, who made the pack and the brand owner; all three will be included in the announcements of shortlists and the winners.

For details on sending sample packs, please click here.

Supporting Material

All entries must submit at least two high resolution product images of the pack.

You may also want to upload the following documents to enhance your entry:
- High-resolution images of any previous version of the pack 
- Testimonials from clients

Once you have entered all the information required, you may click to select to enter another product, or proceed to the payment page. You may pay online via credit card or PayPal, or request an invoice. All invoices must be paid prior to the judging day.

For any queries, please contact

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