Luxury Packaging Awards 2017 :: Product Classification
Wednesday 13 September 2017
Grosvenor House, Park Lane
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What classification are you?

Luxury category definitions

Here we outline the four levels of luxury that your pack may fall into. Please read carefully and decide which of these categories best fits your product. This is important so that our judges can consider entries on their own merit, in particular with regard to price point. 
We appreciate that definitions of luxury are to some extent subjective, including these definitions. For this reason, on the day of judging the awards, our judges may re-classify entries if they believe it necessary in order to give the pack the best and fairest consideration and feedback.


We consider premium products to be one step above mass-market in terms of price-point and quality; these are accessible to the majority of consumers and most likely available in supermarkets, the high street or typical duty-free stores but are a treat or an ‘everyday’ luxury. Our definition of ‘Premium’ here can be interchanged with the term ‘masstige’. In terms of packaging, cost constraints and the ability to mass-produce will be significant factors in the development and manufacturing process.


We consider that super-premium products have a higher price-point than premium products but are still accessible to a large proportion of the population and through a range of distribution channels. Like premium products, they offer a functional step up in quality from everyday products or premium products. In terms of packaging, cost constraints and the ability to mass-produce will remain a significant factor in the development and manufacturing process, but to a lesser extent than for premium products.


We consider luxury products to be the most expensive and exclusive in their category and, due to a high price-point that exceeds the functional value of the product, is only available to a small percentage of the general population. Luxury products have limited distribution channels, through specialist high-end retailers or more likely the brand’s own stores. In terms of packaging, cost becomes less of an issue.


The most expensive and exclusive products; most likely with a very small production run, perhaps a handful, available only through very limited channels or direct from the brand, and with a very high price-point that ensures the product is extremely exclusive. Expensive and exclusive packaging for super-luxury products may well be the main defining feature of the product itself
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